Entire 2014 Meeting Schedule

If Meetings are held, they will be on the first Sunday of the Month

Meeting times are 3:00 pm to 5:30 pm.

Please check here to confirm that the next meeting will be held. Meetings are usually confirmed a few weeks before the meeting date.

1st Sunday of the Month Meeting Dates:

– 2014 --

5-JAN  Parson’s Auditorium;

2-FEB  Cafeteria

2-MAR  Cafeteria (in Front)

6-APR  Cafeteria  

4-MAY  Parson’s Auditorium   

1-JUN  Cafeteria

6-JUL  Cafeteria

3-AUG  Cafeteria

7-SEP  Parson’s Auditorium

5-OCT  Cafeteria

2-NOV  Cafeteria

7-DEC  Parson’s Auditorium

(Parson’s Auditorium is across from the Cafeteria)